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Renault IE

The main aim behind this design thesis was to explore the usage of level 5 autonomy beyond passengers cars. Incorporating autonomy in track racing on similar lines to Roborace and having actual users inside would provide a new experience for the user altogether. The user has to lie down on his stomach and face the ground which provides a more aerodynamic stance for the vehicle while taking the user more closer to the ground. this unique seating is what gives the users a complete and true immersive experience in the real world as opposed to the pseudo immersive experience offered by virtual reality headsets and gaming systems. the car is programmed to do one hotlap around the track of approximately 2 to 3 minutes. it is estimated that within these 2 to 3 minutes the adrenaline rush achieved will be on similiar lines to that of extreme experiences like high speed roller coasters, bungee jumping, skydiving etc. 

IE stands for immersive experience.

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